NOMOS Tangomat commemorative watch shape design dynamic and trendy

The German watchmaking brand NOMOS was born in 1845. The factory is located in Glashütte, a famous German watchmaking town. Since its birth, NOMOS has won many international design awards with its fine watchmaking tradition and unique German design.replica watches Last year coincided with the century of the German Bauhaus movement, NOMOS launched the exquisite Tangomat commemorative watch with the aesthetic essence of "shape follows function". Below, let us take a look at this Tangomat commemorative watch. Watch model: 601.S11

The minimalist to the extreme Bauhaus panel design has always been the iconic design style of NOMOS watches. One point and one line outlines the Tangomat commemorative watch with full wrist design. The Tangomat commemorative watch is made of stainless steel with a case with a diameter of 38.5 mm. It is suitable for men and women who love simple and fashionable design styles. The case is polished and finished, showing a unique luster and good touch. The stainless steel crown on the side is designed with a non-slip texture pattern, and the top is engraved with the “NOMOS” brand logo outlined by lines.

The elegant and clean surface shows the brand's intention to create a new sense of luxury-abandoning glitz, NOMOS uses a unique sketch paper color to create a unique matte dial, which seems to show the most innocent self, this square inch on the wrist Leave a monologue in it.fake watches A small dial with a spiral pattern is set up at 6 o'clock on the dial. The dial is matched with black hands and modern printed hour markers, and the scale circle is decorated in blue, showing an elegant and natural style. The watch is equipped with a stainless steel strap, which is durable and stylish.

The bottom of the watch adopts a back-through design. The inside of the watch is equipped with a DUW 5001 self-winding movement. The surface is decorated with Glashütte stripes and NOMOS fish scale gold engraving, and it uses a Glashütte pawl structure and a stop-second device. The Glashütte three-quarter splint is one of its iconic designs, which provides a power reserve of approximately 43 hours after being fully wound.