Replica Alpina launches AlpinerX outdoor smart watch.

Geneva - In 2018, Alpina launched its AlpinerX on the Kickstarter platform, which was successful in more than 3,000 orders. replica watches australia In 2019, Alpina launched four selected designs selected by Kickstarter community members. Supporters use their professional configuration program to select 11,000 options to design their own watches.

The new AlpinerX outdoor smart watch enables advanced detection with environmental sensors: new heart rate monitoring sensors, UV sensors, temperature sensors, height sensors, air pressure sensors, compasses and more.

Designed by outdoor enthusiasts, the watch uses a dedicated AlpinerX companion app for iPhone or Android that tracks heart rate during exercise, records and analyzes your sleep patterns, tells you missed calls and information, and helps you easily configure your watch. parameter. The new companion app has been redesigned to make it easier to view all of your data through a dedicated dashboard.

Each function is measured in real time by the watch and transmits the data to the user's smartphone to analyze the movements, identify areas for improvement, and allow AlpinerX to receive smartphone notifications on a digital screen.

The AlpinerX watch was carefully designed by our watchmaking factory in Pran Leeuw, Geneva. It is made of superior materials,replica watches decorated with fine details, and presents a dynamic and dynamic appearance, creating a timepiece that is full of personality, simple and bright, stylish and cool.