Replica Oris launched a heavyweight watch!

Oris launched a heavyweight watch! This new work is the aviation series Big Crown ProPilot X Calibre 115, which is very different from the traditional design style of Oris.

The biggest feature is the all-empty disk surface, the overall tone is gray-black, and the quiet blue-blue night light adds a fascinating taste. replica rolex In the impression of the world of Xiaowan, there is a rare table of this pioneer.

The outer casing is made of titanium and has a diameter of 44mm. It has a coin-shaped bezel and the movement is galvanized. Therefore, the overall tone is very dark and has a cool future style.

It is equipped with the Calibre 115 movement, 38 diamonds, 3Hz vibration frequency, and the storage has reached 10 days! Quite amazing.

Of course, for the long-term storage of 10 days, in the last few days fake watches, the accuracy of the travel time will definitely decline. But this achievement is already very good.